The most important relationship in the music business

is the one between the Artist and their Fans.

We are launching an app designed to support, celebrate, and develop the Artist - Fan relationship.

Check Out Some of the Key Features...

You Make It Your Own

We put up the structure.  You add the trim.  Links to your social media, your Shopify merch store, your website, your performance schedule and more...

Custom Audio Channel

Your music, the music of your favorite independent artists, interviews, fan reviews, rehearsals, announcements, previews, all in one channel available all the time...

Private Chatroom

Exclusive to fans who have your App.  Connect with your most loyal fans and share your latest news with them.

Global Distribution & Your Own Label

We have a global digital distribution deal that will place your tracks in all the major online stores. We don't charge you per track or per album - it's all included. We also establish your own music label.

Access To An Online Recording Studio

One of the biggest expenses for an artist is studio time. Imagine how much you can save by having full access to an entire online recording studio 24/7 included in your New Music Lives membership.

Plus Many More Features for Pro & VIP Users

Including Licensing Submission, Exclusive Facebook Group, Tour Support, Personal Coaching and soon Tour Routing...

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