“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.

There's also a negative side.”

- Hunter Thompson

It's not necessarily so. Let's talk about it

There are more sad songs than quotable quotes lamenting the struggles that indie musicians go through in effort to make a living doing what they love.

If, your a singer songwriter solo performer I have a question for you...

So what's the best way to achieve success in your music business? 

Play more gigs? Play the covers that the crowds want to hear instead of the originals that really mean something to you?

Get thousands and thousands of followers on social media?

Take a lot of merch and CD's to your shows?  Get your music on all the key internet platforms? Even get local radio play? 

I believe what artists and bands actually want is reliable and effective way to make money from your music business. 

Imagine, if you could spend all your time being truly creative, instead of being out there hustling for gigs in clubs and bars which are full of people eating, drinking, watching the game or just talking to their friends, or whatever their doing instead of listening to you. I call these the pointless gigs. 

What if I told there was a better way!

To book your own tours, make sales and develop fan base in one complete system.

Book an entire tour simply by sending a few emails. 

Play gigs where the audience actually listens.

Build real fans and sell music online.

All while staying in control of your music business.

I have develop the complete system for you 

 You need to have these three key things:

Some well recorded, mixed and mastered original songs.

Idealy a couple of music videos or at least ability to shoot video via phone.

The ability to pay at least $50 or as much as $500 a month to build your music business.

Yes, I'm not going to lie thats a chuck of change.

You could buy some really nice piece of new gear for that.

OH, wait... you already did.

What's was it's Return On Investment? 

How many times in the past year has that gear paid for itself? 

I have the complete system and I know can help you.

Is the system simple and easy to use? 

Well,  on YOUR part it is. 

On my part it's been extraordinarily complex, and it's taken several years to develop and then still more time for it to be proven and tested.

My tech team have working  to engineered, a combination of website technology, social media reach, physical & digital music marketing along with merch sales and gig booking systems all designed to generate revenue to grow your music business.

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