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Fan-Powered Income for Indie Musicians

The New Music Lives Team

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Fan-Powered Income
for Indie Musicians

The New Music Lives Team

Paul - Co-Founder

An artist’s greatest challenge lies in getting their product to market so their music is heard. New Music Lives was founded to change the landscape and provide a better solution.”

Involved in the business of marketing music for more than 40 years, Paul has worked at a major label, owned his own Indie label, and worked an artist manager, tour manager, event producer, and even as a roadie.

He also spent many years working in radio as a DJ in the UK, including a stint on a pirate radio station, broadcasting from a ship off the British coast.

Paul is dedicated to the development of the creative arts and success for Indie artists.

Lou - Co-Founder

“The creative process is all-consuming for most artists, so it’s difficult for them to devote energy to the visual aspects of music. I love coaching them in the creation of visual content that reflects their music.”

A former civil engineer, Lou discovered his love of the visual arts and his talent for marketing as digital photography replaced film and website creation no longer required a code-writer. Lou redefined himself to pursue a career in web design and digital marketing.

While working to create online radio station RebelSpinner.com, Lou was introduced to Paul, who contributed his radio expertise to the project. From this collaborative partnership, New Music Lives evolved.


"I once received some sage advice from a very successful studio musician. It reminded me of a comment on my kindergarten report card: “Plays well with others.” The world would be a better place if we all took this advice, and the artist/fan community would benefit.”

As a touring bass guitarist, Mark lived in the world of music and musicians. As a sales professional with Bose Professional, he brought innovative live-music loudspeaker technologies to a global market, participating in music festivals and other events.

Mark and co-founder Paul met at such an event – 1,200 miles from his home in Fountain Hills, AZ, and soon learned they are virtual neighbors. Mark brings his years of sales and marketing experience and a lifetime in a musicians' world to the New Music Lives team.


“I know first-hand how difficult it can be for an artist to develop and maintain the attention of our fans – not to mention the inherent challenge: getting paid. We don’t create for money, yet we need income to create. It’s exciting to help artists to focus on their creative processes.”

A lifelong student of all things musical, Sandy began to perform as a vocalist at the age of six. She currently performs as the lead vocalist and lends vocal support to local groups in Albuquerque, NM.

Sandy connected with co-founder Lou in 2016, after which the pair collaborated on several innovative projects. She brings more than 20 years of publishing and strategic marketing experience to the New Music Lives team.


“As an independent and signed artist, I’ve experienced first hand the cartel-like control the big music labels have over their artists. This project shifts the power and paradigm from the big labels and the “pay for play” model to the artist and the origins of the direct artist-fan relationship and patronage.”

Peter is the Principal Systems Architect in Advanced Technology for one of the Nation’s largest banks as well as an accomplished musician and recording artist.

In this role, Peter is responsible for leading research and development, innovation, and ideation efforts in emerging and disruptive technologies. He has over 30 years of technology and thought leadership/management experience.

Peter met Mark at the wedding of mutual friends where they quickly discovered their mutual love of music.

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