Fan-Powered Income for Indie Musicians

New Music Lives offers an easy solution for artists to create an income “bridge” between paid gigs, and avoid the “day job” scene so they can focus on making music. 

Sound simple? It is! A personal invitation encourages fans to dedicate spare change from credit or debit card transactions to support their favorite artist. 

Let’s face it: The need to make some money can take the fun out of making music. It’s a challenge to get paid for gigs, make money between gigs, and manage to survive in spite of unexpected events... from a vehicle breakdown to a national shutdown.

Imagine you have a steady income bridge.

Relax, stay the course, and maintain your creative focus knowing that your bridge is providing support while you wait for your next gig.

New Music Lives provides an easy way for fans to build the bridge and participate in your success. You know your value. Your fans know and love you and your music. Why not put this power to work?

Given the opportunity, your fans will support your artistic success in a meaningful way. We make it easy for them, and for you.

Getting started is easy, too. Our complete system allows you to start building your bridge at NO COST.
As partners in your success, we make money when you make money