The Fan-Powered Income System

It's great when a fan shows their support by buying a ticket to your show, dropping a generous tip in the jar, buying some merch, donating while you stream a show, or streaming or downloading a track. But you're leaving a lot of money on the table. 

You may have 50 fans... you may have 50,000. Some of them support everything you do every time you do something. Some of them support you once. 

But many of them will gladly support you even when they aren't watching a show or listening to a track, because they like you and your music and want to help you succeed.

Our Fan Powered Income system is built to make it easy for them to provide ongoing financial support, and even easier for you to show them how to participate in your success.

Getting started is easy, too. Our complete system allows you to start building your bridge at NO COST.
As partners in your success, we make money when you make money