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We Put Money Back In The Hands Of Singer-Songwriters Like You!

New Music Lives is free to join, and our mission is simple:

We help put money back in your hands. We know that many singer-songwriters desperately need income, particularly after last couple of years through the global pandemic. Putting its difficulties aside, we exist to serve you in your music career:  today and in the future.  

So why us, and why now?

Our goal is simple: all our actions must serve you the singer-songwriter. We insist. 

We are dedicated to the development and success of singer-songwriters, and there is no better example than the passion of our co-founder Paul K Saunders.

He has worked in all aspects of the music business for more than 40 years. He has worked at a major label and owned his own Indie music label, worked as an artist manager, tour manager, event producer, and even as a roadie. He also spent many years working on radio as a DJ here in the US on both local and on nationally syndicated stations, before that he was on several stations in the UK, including a stint on a pirate radio station, broadcasting from a real ship off the British coast.  

But before you ask how much is it all going to cost me,

Let me be completely clear; New Music Lives has a simple strategy:  

We only make money when you make money and we are focused on your success, here to help and support you. 

 Your journey begins with a single step.  

Let’s get started and take the first step together! 

"Imagine New Music Lives as a total system for what you need when you need it. Your first step is the use of our system to convert your fans to SuperFans creating recurring revenue.  From that point, we work together to plan the next steps in your career."

Paul K Saunders

The Challenge...

It's difficult for singer-songwriters to turn their music into a successful business. While more opportunity is now available as the venues have re-opened and new tours are being booked, it's still difficult to develop your fan base and generate creative income.

No doubt you have tried just about everything to stay in contact with your fans. You have probably tried online shows, and have likely been advised to put your tracks on all the major streaming platforms to generate income.

You're in danger of becoming obsessed with likes and spins and are losing focus on the one thing that matters: your creativity.

Let’s face it, spins and likes are great, but what do they really produce for you? They just steal your focus away from what you really want to do: make music.

It’s frustrating, right?

We get it . . .

Our Solution...

You could focus your energy on finding a way to get 125,000+ spins for your song will make you $300-$500 in a month, but, really: who needs more frustration?

You really just need fans, and not just any fans... you need SuperFans.

You know who these fans are: they’re the ones who follow your music career and support your efforts no matter what.

You can, in fact make $700 a month with just 100 Superfans . . . and we can prove it, when you use our unique and proven “Power of 100” strategy, 

New Music Lives generates income for you AND at the same time increases your fan base. Even better: we only make money when you make money which means that we are truly partners in your success.

Make it even easier for you our complete system allows you to get started at NO COST.

We have so much confidence in our strategy that we guarantee to convert some of your fans into Superfans for you.

The Power...

New Fans are cool, of course, and our system also brings in new fans for you. But, what really matters is the number of those fans we help you turn into Superfans: using our unique formula which powers the engine that will drive your success.

Imagine you had 100, 250, 500, 1,000 or more Superfans.

While you’re imagining that, imagine what you will do with this new steady reliable source of income . . . month after month!

Nice, right?

Our strategy is simple. You focus on the most important part: making music.

We provide you with all the tools, and we do all the “heavy” lifting for you, converting your fans into the Superfans that will help and support the development of your music career.

But read on there is still more to come...

Check Out These Upcoming Bonuses For New Music Lives Artists
Below you'll find some of the additional resources we will have available for Singer Songwriters who become NML artists.

Touring & Promotion

When you're ready to plan a tour and get out on the road. You'll be able to use our state of the art system to book your own unique tour playing the homes and backyards of your SUPERFANS. 

Fan Empowerment & Engagement

Let your greatest fans help to build your music career. They already want to see you succeed, we'll give them the tools they need to support and promote you no matter where they live. After all they want to help we empower them for you.

Production & Distribution

If you're ready to record, produce, and release your next project, we can help you complete what you started. We can take a simple guitar/vocal or piano/vocal and record, produce, mix and master into a ready to release track. So there is no more putting off your latest inspiration as a work in progress.  

Design & Marketing

Do you need a Website? A complete marketing campaign? Or social media presence? We have all these resources and system available and ready to be able to roll this out when you truly need it. 

Branding & Merchandising

Need a full range of merchandise developed along with a merch store that fans can access, we can create this for you and provide the sales support to make merch truly a revenue and not a drain on resources.

But Most Important Of All MONEY!

When it comes to money we have a simple strategy:  We only make money when you make money!  So we're truly focused on your success, we're here to help and support you. Does that sound fair if so lets get started!

These are the key parts of the complete approach from New Music Lives

Your journey begins with a single step.  Let’s get started!

Get Started Today: 100% FREE!

(It's a no brainer, right?)

When you make money, we make money. There is no set-up fee and nothing to buy.

Try our system without risking any of your hard-earned cash.

----- PLEASE TAKE NOTE -----

If you're looking for a traditional record label or management company, we're not for you.

If you want an "ARTIST CENTRIC" company to work with that is totally focused on
supporting you and developing your music career...Get Started Now!

We Choose our Partners Carefully

The number one killer of a successful partnership is misalignment and miscommunication, both of which are easily avoided by choosing your partners carefully. As we have said before we live by this simple statement "does it serve the artist".