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It's Time... for a Change. Big Time. Past Time...

The 4 Keys That Put Success In Your Music Career

Create Good Music

Develop your singing and songwriting skills. Write good songs. Be better than good

Build TrueFans

Connect with your audience. Engage them. Make it personal. TrueFans are your future.

Perform Well

From the studio to the stage you're a Performer, Work on getting good at performing.

Make Great Money

You're an artist. I got that. AND... Earning money— MONEYTIZING— your music is required to be free to create your art.

Simple. Straightforward. But...

The music business as usual DOES NOT WORK. Especially for Singer Songwriters. There's a better way. A way that works the way you want it to.

And it's got NOthing to do with being discovered or signed by a big (or small) label.

I'll put my money where my mouth is.

Let me buy you a consultation. No charge. No strings.

Simply me doing what I love and what I'm good at:

Helping Singer Songwriters like you, Put Success In Your Music Business.

Want to? Tap the link..

You Can Own Your Own Music Business.

(What a concept!)

• Be In Complete Control Of Your Music

• Connect & Engage with Your TrueFans

• Choose When You Record & When You Tour

• Earn the Money You Desire, Dream of and Deserve

So... Why Should You Listen To Me...

Because I've been there and I'm done with that— those parts I know from real-world experience don't work for any of you.

I've been involved in the business of music and marketing for 40+ years. I have worked at a major record company, owned my own indie label, been an artist manager, tour manager, event producer, even a roadie.

I've also spent years on radio. As a DJ in the UK, including being on one of the famous pirate stations from an actual ship off coast of England, as well as being on local radio and the BBC.

I moved to the USA in 2001 and landed a gig on the classic rock station in Denver. Then, I was nationally syndicated on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame from Cleveland, Ohio.

Now my passion and purpose in life has brought me back to the true source of the music the whole world loves to listen to— singer-songwriters like you.

So I have set aside a number of hours every week to have one-on-one phone conversations with Singer Songwriters, for a couple of reasons...

A. Because I love it— and you.

B. I want to know exactly what you're dealing with...

How you're doing... What I can do to help... So...

MY OFFER : Let me buy you a private consultation,

(my regular rate is $250 for 30 minutes.)

My treat. Let me help you Put Success In Your Music Business.

I'm investing in you. So say...

Tap the link and you'll go to a page where you can schedule a call.

It's Time... for a Change. Big Time. Past Time...

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