Thank You!

Our Fan Powered Income system provides an easy way for fans to make one-time contributions or become regular monthly supporters. But the real power of the system is a process called "RoundUp". Thousands of charities and financial institutions use this technology to make it easy to be a regular supporter of a non-profit organization, or to add funds to a personal investment program.

New Music Lives is a pioneer in bringing this technology to indie music artists. Through a highly secure process, the artist enrolls in the program and connects the bank account where they want their contributions deposited.

Our system creates a unique web page for each artist explaining the opportunity and giving the fans a secure link to select the artist they want to support, and the credit or debit card they want to use.

Each time the fan completes a transaction with this card, the 'spare change' between the purchase amount and the next even dollar is tabulated, and when a pre-selected amount is reached, the money is transferred.

There is no signup fee or monthly charge. The artist receives 80% of the net contribution after actual transaction costs. We cover operating expenses out of the 20%, as we partner in your success.